The Journal of Humanities & Social Sciences

1) Volume XVI No.1 2008
Author(s):Nasir Jamal Khattak

Abstract :

Faculty of Arts and Humanities
2) Impact of Advertising Practices of Multinational Corporations on the Culture of Pakistan
Author(s):Wisal Ahmad & Zeeshan Khattak Kohat University of Science and Technology, Kohat Usman Ghani Institute of Management Sciences, Peshawar & Farzand Ali Jan N-WFP Agriculture University, Peshawar

Abstract :

Following the conflicting views on Globalization and culture, this qualitative study was conducted with the purpose to explore the effects of the advertising practices of the Multinational Corporations on the national culture of Pakistan. As a result of promotional messages, the purity of the national language of Pakistan, Urdu, has been diluted. "Now the word soup is used for "Yakhni", Ketchup for "Chatni", Chair for "Kursi" and Room for "Kamra". Heavy advertising spending for their high tech products like computers and in the telecom industry particularly mobile phones have influenced the educationists to adapt the curricula according to new standards and demands. Cold drinks and ice cream are now common in winter as well which were not before. Similarly, the celebrities used by MNC's in their advertisements have moved the society away from its own cultural values. Our routine activities have been significantly changed. In broader perspective, it can be concluded that the advertising practices of MNC's have significantly affected both the visible and invisible elements of Pakistani culture.

Volume No. Volume XVI No.1 2008

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Volume XVI No.1 2008