Al-Idah (ISSN:2075-0307)

1) Antecedents of “Quality of Work” in Islamic Perspective Through Mediating Effect of Perceived Job Performance
Author(s):Dr Malik Muhammad Afzal, Dr.Muhammad Razzaq Athar

Abstract :

In most of service organizations particularly in Pakistan financial sector, employees have reduced their job performance and shortened quality of work due to many factors influencing them at workplace. This research study aims to explore such antecedents in view of Islam that can improve the quality of work in banking sector wherein mediating effect of perceived job performance has been tested. Model variables of this study have also been described in the Islamic perspective. Islam is complete religion in all respect and provides foundation for quality of work. Accuracy & beatification in work, discipline, sequence of tasks, impartiality, and Islamic job satisfaction, knowing ourselves and its link with knowing to our God are parts of quality of work and employees’ performance in the Islamic point of view. The target population of this study covers 20,514 employees of banking sector working in capital cities of Pakistan. Data were collected via cross sectional approach from 380 desk and frontline officials of Public and private banks. Confirmatory factor analysis and structural equation modeling techniques were used for data analysis. Findings of this research are demonstrated that job satisfaction and emotional intelligence are found the valuable antecedents of job performance and quality of work where employee’s job performance has been proved as a partial mediator between antecedents and quality of work. The two antecedents i.e. job satisfaction, emotional intelligence

Volume No. 32

Issue No. 1

This issue published in June 2016