Al-Idah (ISSN:2075-0307)

1) الإيجاز في القرآن الكريم: دراسة بلاغية Ijaz and its Eloquence in the Holy Qur’an: An Inductive Rhetorical Study
Author(s):الدكتور صاحب اسلام مقصود الرحمن

Abstract :

This article focus on the literary aspect of Qur’an. Stylistically it has a rich texture, which in itself is a miracle Qur’an is not only the last message of Allah- bearing finality but it is the root source of all forms of human knowledge. It has a pithy style therefore it offers multiple shades of meanings in it. This article focuses on that so as to open up new pathways into the stylistically rich texture of Holy Qur’an.

Volume No. 33

Issue No. june

article 12