Journal of Himalayan Earth Sciences

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The "Journal of Himalayan Earth Sciences" (JHES) is a biannual journal, managed by the National Centre of Excellence in Geology, University of Peshawar, Pakistan. JHES is recognized by Higher Education Commission (HEC), Pakistan in "X" Category. The JHES entertains research articles relevant to the field of geosciences. Typical geoscience-related topics include sedimentary geology, igneous, and metamorphic geology and geochemistry, geographical information system/remote sensing related to natural hazards, and geo-environmental issues and earth quake seismology, and engineering and exploration geophysics. However, as the journal name implies, the articles addressing research relevant to the above disciplines in the Himalayan region will be given prime importance and relevance.

The Journal of Himalayan Earth Sciences was established in the year 1964. Previously, known as the “Geological Bulletin of the University of Peshawar” the journal was renamed as the “Journal of Himalayan Earth Sciences” in the year 2007 to narrow down the focus of the journal to the geosciences-related research in the Himalayan region. The JHES is considered as one of the oldest journals for geoscience in Pakistan.