Ancient Pakistan

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ISSN (print): 0066-1600
ISSN (online): 2708-4590


Ancient Pakistan is a peer-reviewed journal of the Department of Archaeology, University of Peshawar which publishes high quality articles in the field of Arts and Humanities. It is a well reputed journal of international standard in the field of Archaeology and provides a platform for the scholars to contribute their work in archaeology, art, architecture, numismatics, epigraphy, history, linguistics, etc. of ancient Pakistan and neighbouring regions. The journal is published under the supervision of the Chairman of Department. Presently Professor Ibrahim Shah is the editor of the said journal. It has a proper editorial board of international specialists working in the relevant fields. The journal maintained its standard to publish those articles based on original research and of the highest academic standard across a diverse range of fields after scrutiny. The article submitted for consideration will first be assessed by the editor/ co-editor and then will be sent to the concerned referees (both national and international) for their reviews and suggestions in appropriate way. The articles will be duly published after proper acceptance and making any changes suggested by the referees.