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                                                        JOURNAL OF LAW AND SOCIETY                                       

                                                                             Since 1982



A warm welcome from the Journal of Law and Society! We are one of the leading and oldest research journals of Pakistan – serving since 1982.  Our research journal aims to improve the lives of others through law. We are a pool of enthusiastic researchers and it is our common understanding that society is organic. Every day we are confronted with various new challenges, therefore, prompting us to research and respond accordingly, and which is why the journal seeks the assistance of legal scholars and social scientists to introduce new knowledge in the fields of Law and Jurisprudence. Lawyers; judges; legislators; policy makers; law enforcement agencies; legal, social and political scientists; and university students are our target audience. The journal exposes what the law is and how it ought to be in its local, regional and global contexts. So, if you have a desire to change human lives through law, the Journal of Law and Society is the right forum to get involved.

Recalling the enthusiasm of the founding fathers of the Journal of Law and Society, an excerpt of the very first Editorial (Vol.1 No.1 July 1982) is proudly presented here:

In our first editorial of this journal, we will talk only about the journal. It is named as journal of “LAW & SOCIETY”. Why don’t you call it a journal of law simply? Why do you prefer the name ‘Law and Society?’ We have been asked. The reason is that in so naming the journal we would like to provide an opportunity not only to our lawyers but also to social scientists to get together and consider and discuss matters and problems of common concern. We believe there is a need for it. Law is, after all, not an isolated phenomenon detached and disconnected from what lies beyond it (Ghafoor, 1982).


The Journal of Law and Society focuses, however, not limited to the following research areas.

  1. Legal Research Methodologies: Doctrinal and Black Letter Law
  2. Interdisciplinary Research Methodologies
  3. Qualitative and Quantitative Research Methods
  4. Criminal and Civil Laws and Procedures
  5. Punishments, Prisons, Prosecution, Probation, Parole etc.
  6. The Administration of Justice
  7. Security Paradigm v The Paradigm of Civil Liberties
  8. Positivism, Realism, Idealism, Liberalism, Conservatism, Communitarianism etc.
  9. Anti-Terrorism
  10. Law in Action, Policing, Law on Streets, Law in Courts and Law in Books
  11. Constitutional Law
  12. The Discourse of Human Rights Law: Local, regional and international
  13. International Law: Public and Private
  14. International Humanitarian Law: The Conduct of War, Unlawful Combatants etc.
  15. International Criminal Law
  16. Admiralty and Maritime Law
  17. International Trade and Commercial Law
  18. Law and Development
  19. Environmental Law
  20. International Organizations
  21. NGOs
  22. Intellectual Properties
  23. Cyber Laws
  24. Privacy and Data Protection Laws
  25. The Sociology of Law
  26. Culture and Identity
  27. The Discourse of Minority Rights
  28. Criminology
  29. Jurisprudence
  30. Legal Theories
  31. The Interaction of Law and Religion and vice versa
  32. Gender Justice
  33. Social Justice
  34. Contemporary Problems in Administrative Law
  35. Employment Laws
  36. Charity and Trust