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The Peshawar Journal of Global Affairs, welcomes diverse narratives on politics and aspires to contribute towards shared understanding. The journal intends to cover the ever-evolving and transforming world involving political maneuvering and global thinking. With this motivation and clear objectives, the Editorial Board expects the contributors to advance their research and formulize their respective articles mainly covering issues related to the below mentioned themes. However, the scope of the journal is not limited to the following broad fields of study. The preferred length of articles is between 3,500 to 5,000 words and the journal uses APA reference style as in-text citation.

  1. Foreign Policy: Articulation and Analysis
  2. Grand Strategy, Political Doctrine and Great Power Politics
  3. Threats to National Security with a Special Focus on Pakistan
  4. Politics and Strategic Thought
  5. Military Strategy, Doctrinal Matters and Tactics
  6. Cyber and Outer-space Politics
  7. Terrorism
  8. Evolving Politics and Warfare
  9. Security discourse in contemporary international politics

Peshawar Journal of Global Affairs (PJGA) publishes original papers, review papers, conceptual framework, analytical and case studies and empirical research. Peshawar Journal of Global Affairs (PJGA) welcomes contributions from scholars around the world, with original, insightful and challenging articles on the relevant themes. Authors are requested to submit their articles electronically to or the Editor, Minhas Majeed Khan (PhD) and Dr. Khurshid. Authors should upload the source files of their articles in the preferred format. Authors, reviewers, and editors can also send and receive all correspondence by e-mail.