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Pashto is a peer-reviewed, bi-lingual, and a bi-annual research journal published by the Pashto Academy, University of Peshawar. The journal publishes papers in both Pashto and English on topics related to Pashto language, literature, history, art, and culture. Pashto is an open-access journal, where full articles are available with immediate access to general reader-ship. Print versions, however, are available on subscription.

Aims & Objectives

The Pashto Journal is dedicated to promote and publish original articles pertaining to Pashto language, literature, history of the region, arts, and culture, with the aim to reduce the gap between scholarly research and practice. As such, the journal accepts for publication categories of scholarly research such as academic papers and articles, in both English and Pashto languages. The journal aims to facilitate researchers, scholars, resource persons, and practitioners to come on a platform and to share their findings with the rest of the world.